Help! A hacker stole all of my bitcoins! Can I get them back?

Don’t worry this did not happen to me, but it could happen to anyone who isn’t able to store them securely. Since 2010, I’ve never lost a single bitcoin due to online theft because of being careful about my security practices. Being hacked is a nightmare scenario that has happened to many people and even large exchanges. The good news is that it can be easily prevented with the right tools and information.

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Chris Merrett, owner and lead consultant at Meritorious Consulting. I am an extremely early adopter of bitcoin. I found out about it in early 2010 when you could still CPU mine 50 bitcoins at a time with a laptop. SO I did! I still mine bitcoins today, although not on a laptop anymore. In 2010, the bitcoin wallet that held my private keys was not even encrypted. Anyone able to grab my wallet file could have stolen my coins. With effort, I was able to protect them.
I used a linux OS with an encrypted hard drive, created tough-to-crack passwords and wrote them down in a list, careful to never reuse a password…..a real pain in the ass. I do remember one unlucky bitcoiner back then that claimed to have had 25,000 of them stolen on his Windows OS machine. Now THAT’s an even bigger pain in the ass! 25,000 bitcoins is a lot of money these days! Security is a lot easier now, especially if you have an experienced guide and the right tools.
We have come a long way since then and bitcoin has grown up… A LOT. I can save you a ton of time and effort and show you how to maintain a higher level of security than I had ever dreamed of in the early days.

Before Many people are under the mistaken assumption that they missed the boat and it’s too late to benefit, but I can assure you that this party is only just getting started. My interest in bitcoin originally stemmed from a keen interest in economics, money, and ethics. Simply put, I wanted to contribute to a better world with more peace and economic opportunity for everyone. I’m happy to say, it is happening.

Everyone who’s paying attention knows that our current financial system is having major problems. It’s based in debt and the debt is increasing, requiring ever largeramounts of to be paid just to service the interest on principle. It serves the people who control it and leaves most of us begging for table scraps at the grand buffet as wealth is transferred from those who produce to those who do not. Is that an acceptable situation to you? Me neither…People need a safety net to catch them during economic crises. They need a trusted store of value to keep the value they worked hard for with sweat equity.

Bitcoin has been a wild ride that has helped me escape the matrix and gain true independence. I want to share that with you and many others. It’s my sincere goal to help as many people as possible to understand and benefit from what I’ve learned .I’m so grateful for these gifts that I decided the best way I could provide real value was to help others like you get on the fast track to success with cryptocurrencies.

Ultimately, bitcoin is not about computers, it is about people like YOU having more freedom. It is about freedom of speech and the freedom to engage in peaceful commerce without being restricted by potentially violent third parties. It’s about having a better, more stable economy for all.
Sound good?..
The biggest problem right now is that there is a vast asymmetry of understanding concerning cryptocurrencies and money in general. This is unfortunate because there are so many fraudsters who are trying to capitalize on people’s confusion in order to take their money. DON’T GET TAKEN FOR A RIDE!

Be a crypto-ninja!
To prevent this, what we do is concentrate on the basics, like:
1. Why certain crypto-coins have lasting value propositions based on their fundamentals, while others are highly unlikely to over the long term.
2. How to acquire them from trustworthy sources.
3. How to store them safely and securely.
4. How to spot and avoid the scams or well-meaning, but really poor ideas that are so commonly offered in the space.
5. How to stay emotionally stable and confident during price volatility events. Avoid panic.
6. Is it better to buy bitcoin or to start mining it? …and many other questions from simple to complex. What are you wondering about? What would help you in your goals if you had a clear understanding?


The new economy is rising.
Although we focus on the basic fundamentals as they are the most critical skills for newcomers to have, we can also help with more complex needs as your abilities grow. We don’t ever give financial or legal advice and will never ask you to send us cryptocurrencies for us to hold, or store as investments. We’re trustworthy because we don’t ask for your trust. We’d prefer if you are able trust yourself by arming you with the right skills instead. Independence is a beautiful thing! Wouldn’t you agree?
If you stop by our website linked below, you’ll notice there are Trezor hardware wallet devices that are available at our shop. They are the original hardware wallet and the most secure way to store and transfer bitcoins, litecoins and a host of other cryptocurrencies. I use one myself. You can even use it to secure your online accounts with the Trezor browser extension.

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We’ll assess your personal situation together and explore your best course of action, if any at all.

Middle English, from Latin meritōrius, earning money, from meritus, past participle of merēre, to earn; see merit.

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